Spring 2016 Business Ethics: Educational and Organizational Best Practices Certificate Program

This online course taught by Dr. O.C. Ferrell and Dr. Linda Ferrell focuses on frameworks, resources, and approaches to developing business ethics programs and the teaching of business ethics.  The course is appropriate for educators and practitioners interested in furthering their knowledge in business education and best practices in management. This course begins on February 8, 2016 and the deadline to register is February 1, 2016.Register for the course.

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The following podcasts are provided for use in the University of New Mexico Business Ethics Certificate Course. To follow along with the course schedule, please click on the week numbers below to view that week’s podcasts, videos, and/or audio files.


Week 1 – Framework for Understanding Organizational Ethics

Week 2 – Personal & Corporate Lessons Learned – Enron

Week 3 – Ethical Decision Making

Week 4 – Individual Factors

Week 5 – Organizational Culture – Voluntary Dimensions

Week 6 – Business Ethics Programs

Week 7 – Managing Business Ethics Programs

Week 8 – Business Ethics in Higher Education

Week 9 – Resources for Teaching Business Ethics

Week 10 – Sustainability in Business Ethics Education

ClassHook Educational Video Clips

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